Bryan's breakfast favourites

Bryan Smart has hit the ground running once again as the new Flat season steps up a gear.

The Hambleton House handler has registered eight winners so far in 2015, (six on the all-weather) as well as two turf victories including the evergreen Tangerine Trees at Musselburgh.

As well as kindly nominating two horses from his Thirsk base for us to follow, Bryan has also spilled the beans on some of his breakfast favourites.

Red Pike - Improved as a three-year-old winning three times last year.  I am hoping he will step up again into big handicaps or black type. One to watch.

Meadway - Did well last year winning three times including at York.  All the family improve with age which I hope he will do.

1. Toast - white, brown or seeded?


2. Favourite toast topping?

Lime marmalade.

3. Eggs - fried, poached or scrambled?


4. Favourite breakfast tipple orange, apple, cranberry, grapefruit or other?


5. Black or white pudding or not?


6. Favourite regional sausage?


7. Brown or red sauce on bacon butties?

Brown always!

8. Favourite breakfast cereal?

None, don't have it.

9. Porridge - sugar or salt?

Neither, if having porridge it has to be treacle.

10. Tea or coffee?


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