Kim's breakfast favourites

Kim Bailey has made a superb start to the new season notching 17 winners so far from 52 races with a 32.69 percent win ratio with his string.

As the Thorndale Farm operation gathers momentum and with the opening Cheltenham meeting 'The Showcase' just around the corner next month, there really is no better time than now to book a winning breakfast with Kim.

As well as kindly nominating a hurdler and chaser for us to follow, Kim has also spilled the beans on some of his breakfast favourites.

Milord. So unlucky last season and should have won races. Fell when well clear at Towcester. Still a novice over hurdles and should surely win races.

Jimmy The Jetplane. A hurdle winner last winter and one very much bought to go chasing. He has won point to points in the past.

1. Toast - white, brown or seeded?


2. Favourite toast topping?


3. Eggs - fried, poached or scrambled?


4. Favourite breakfast tipple orange, apple, cranberry, grapefruit or other?


5. Black or white pudding or not?


6. Favourite regional sausage?

Newmarket or Ludlow.

7. Brown or red sauce on bacon butties?


8. Favourite breakfast cereal?

Sugar Puffs.

9. Porridge - sugar or salt?


10. Tea or coffee?

Tea first followed by coffee.

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