Scott's breakfast favourites

On the eve of the Ebor Festival at York we have the low-down from Scott Dixon on the secret recipe to his fantastic season so far with 21 winners already on the board.

1. Toast - white, brown or seeded?


2. Favourite toast topping?

Butter, but as I am diary intolerant, Ketchup with a rasher or two of bacon on top, and an egg, some mushrooms, a tomato and a slice of black pudding, topped off with another slice of toast spread with mayonaise, with some beans on the side.

3. Eggs - fried, poached or scrambled?


4. Favourite breakfast tipple orange, apple, cranberry, grapefruit or other?

Bucks fizz, but if I am driving it's orange (if feeling healthy), but often it's a can of Red Bull.

5. Black or white pudding or not?


6. Favourite regional sausage?

Geoff Burton our local butcher in Retford makes his own farmhouse sausages, and I always serve these at my C&D breakfasts.

7. Brown or red sauce on bacon butties?

Red and mayonaise

8. Favourite breakfast cereal?

As I do not take milk it would have to be a museli bar.

9. Porridge - sugar or salt?

I could not face porridge made with water. Too Dickensian for me...

10. Tea or coffee?

I do like green tea. But it's usually black coffee.

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